Sky Meditations

By Edward Campbell                   

A series of works in Oil and Ink                    


CatStrand Exhibition August/September 2020

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'Figments of summer light in the quickening clouds
'Formlessness becomes form
'Form becomes formlessness
'The sea reflects the sky and the sky reflects the sea...
There is a constant dance between dark and light
At the spectacle of it all, a sky of light, a sea of sky
Moving towards a light we only half imagine
Overhead the sky has turned to gold
The moon at first a pill and then a swelling pearl in the dark mouth of the sky
With stillness the world becomes clearer
A daily majesty of meditation that comes and goes in silences of its own
'Dusk fall-sometimes the song carries

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From the artist:

"The works displayed here are from a selection which occurred during lock-down or more recently in a continuation of the same themes. During this most extraordinary of times I found my eyes turning skywards and this has informed a large part of my work during this time using both oil paint and ink. All the settling and quieting of human activity was extremely conducive to not only my creative inquiry but it also invited more of a meditative state of mind in general. In this perspective I found much solace and fascination with the ever changing sky above, the ceiling of our lives. Sometimes it seems the sky and all its various moods can also be seen through the lens of the emotions. Sometimes serene and contemplative, sometimes restless and troubled and all manner of moods in between. It is both ever moving and static, close and an endless distance. The lines that accompany the images are fragments of various poems as well as a few lines from my new book, 'A Vast and Brilliant Sky.'

I encourage the viewer to take a moment to contemplate the individual scenes with the associated words in mind. I hope this perhaps inspires a remembrance to take more time and look up more."

Edward lives and works in Palnackie, Dumfries and Galloway. Together with his wife Lucy they run The Old Mill, a small independent art school, gallery and bookshop. Edward comes from a creative family and has been working as a professional artist for all his adult life.

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At the spectacle of it all, a sky of light, a sea of sky

By Edward Campbell Original Mono Print £140