Collect a donation pack from CatStrand or download your own here to complete then return to CatStrand. Thank you for any donation.

CatStrand has been flooded several times, causing thousands of pounds of damage and threatening our ability to secure insurance: Insurance which is vital to our continued existence as a community service to New Galloway.

We need you to help

Collect a donation pack from CatStrand or download your own here, complete it and return to CatStrand. 

Thank you for any donation.

Donate by card by phoning 01644 420374 or visiting CatStrand

To survive we must construct a flood management system, designed by a qualified flood engineer, to safeguard CatStrand from further flooding.

This construction is costly. After being quoted £49,000 for the complete system, we received an anonymous donation of £5000, meaning that we still need to raise a further £44,000.

Any Questions? Email, call 01644 420374 or visit CatStrand.

Donate £50 or more to be part of our 'Keep CatStrand Dry' Digital Wall!

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