CatStrand began life as Kells Primary School in 1743 and served the surrounding communities for over two centuries until the school moved to its present site in Braeside in 1964.  The building then underwent a variety of incarnations including short periods as a knitting factory, a Masonic hall, a youth club and even a stint as a hairdressers! The old school became vacant in the 1990s and soon fell into a state of disrepair.


The Glenkens Community & Arts Trust was formed in 2001 with the aim of transforming the building, which was, by now an eyesore, into a centre for community and cultural activities.  Within 2 months the local community had contributed enough funds to purchase the building and  CatStrand was on its way.  Six years, and a £1 million fundraising campaign later and the building started its new life as CatStrand in September 2007!  Named after the small stream which runs under the building, the centre provides a wide range of arts, community and training activities for all the residents and visitors to the Glenkens.

CatStrand            Opening Hours
High Street                  Mon - Fri
New Galloway          10am - 5pm
Castle Douglas       Sat        Sun
DG7 3RN               10 - 4     11 - 4

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