Play & A Piece: One Mississippi

Wednesday 6th  May |   1pm  | £10 / £4 u25s  

Dalry Film Club: Judy (12A)

Wednesday 6th May | Dalry Town Hall |  7.30pm | £5

Biji Theatre Doors and lunch from 12.45pm Run Time: 75mins. Strong Themes: Recommended age 12+

One Mississippi is a piece of physical verbatim theatre that explores how the impact of traumatic childhood experiences shape men’s adult lives, and the journey that takes them to breaking point. Currently in Britain, “the suicide rate among British men is at the highest level for more than a decade,” and parts of Scotland have the highest levels in the country. There are very few pieces of verbatim theatre on the issue of men, trauma and suicide, and none that look specifically at it from a Scottish context. One Mississippi addresses this gap.

One Mississippi is written by Mariem Omari (If I Had a Girl…) and directed by Umar Ahmed (If I Had a Girl…, How to make a killing in Bollywood) and presented by Bijli, company in residence at National Theatre of Scotland. One Mississippi is based on a collection of interviews undertaken with men across Scotland including, a Scottish Pakistani Muslim, an Indian Sikh, a Northern Irishman living in Glasgow, and a recovering addict from East Glasgow. Through their stories the impact of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) on men is revealed, no matter their ethnicity or faith – ultimately becoming a collective story of their lived reality.

Dalry Film Club present Judy

BBFC Rated 12A.

Doors, tea & cake from 7pm. Film start 7.30pm.

At the end of her career, legendary performer, Judy Garland, arrives in London in the winter of 1968 to perform a series of sold-out concerts. Stars Renee Zellwegger as Judy.

PLAY & A PIECE: The Dock Brief by

Rapture Theatre

Tuesday 12th May |   1pm | £10 (incl. your piece)

Lunchtime theatre at CatStrand with a sandwich box and a hot or cold drink to enjoy during or after the performance included in the ticket price.

The Dock Brief by John Mortimer What happens when an unsuccessful murderer meets an even more unsuccessful barrister? Budgie fancier Herbert Fowle has murdered his wife because she laughed too much, and he is now on trial. His only hope rests with Morgenhall, his court appointed barrister. However, Morgenhall has never won a case. Can Morgenhall change his lifelong losing streak and free Mr Fowle? The Dock Brief has been performed all around the world, made into a film starring Peter Sellers and acted by two convicted criminals in Alcatraz. In the style of the treasured Ealing style comedies and written by the acclaimed writer of Rumpole of the Bailey, The Dock Brief is a delightful comedy about the law, life and love!


Dalry Film Club: Downton  Abbey (PG)

Wednesday 20th May |   7pm |

Dalry Town Hall | £5

Dalry Film Club present Downton Abbey
BBFC Rating PG

Doors, tea & cake from 7pm. Film start time 7.30pm.

Excitement is high at Downton Abbey when the Crawley family learns that King George V and Queen Mary are coming to visit.

Air Iomall

Tuesday 15th May| 7.30pm | £10 /£4 u25 

From Scottish duo Charlie Grey and Joseph Peach, and Filmmaker Hamish Macleod, Air Iomall (Scottish gaelic for “On the Edge”) is a film and suite of new music, inspired by now uninhabited islands deep in the North Atlantic- some of Scotland’s most remote, and remarkable places.

Travelling aboard the Dutch tall ship Wylde Swan, the duo visited and wrote music inspired by the histories, people, and landscapes of these mysterious, wild places, including: The Shiant Isles, North Rona, The Flannan Isles, Sula Sgeir and St Kilda. Macleod’s film documents the duo on this once in a lifetime experience, providing a visually stunning, sensitive insight in to these under-documented and enigmatic landscapes. It culminates with a concert of their new music on St Kilda on the 88th anniversary of the evacuation of it's native population.

Accompanying the film is the duo's release of a studio album, of the same title, which features their entire live performance on St Kilda. 


The Unthanks

Sunday  10th  May |  7.30pm   | £18 / £4 u25s 

Concise descriptions of The Unthanks range variously from “music that asks you to consider everything you know and un-think it”, to “a take on tradition that flips so
effortlessly between jazz, classical, ambient and post-rock, it makes any attempt to put a label on them a waste of time”. If Art rock aspires to elevate rock from entertainment to an artistic statement, it the could be said that The Unthanks make Art Folk.

Their approach to storytelling that makes easy bedfellows of polar opposites such as staunch traditionalism and sonic adventure, sophisticated harmony and direct social commentary, glacial minimalism and heart breaking empathy, earning them an army of notable fellow artists and storytellers, including Mackenzie Crook, Maxine Peake, Nick
Hornby, Martin Freeman, Elvis Costello, Robert Wyatt, Rosanne Cash, Dawn French, Adrian Edmondson, Stephen Mangan and members of Portishead and Radiohead. Their Spring tour will draw from recent projects and favourites from their fifteen-year

Few of their contemporaries, within both folk music and the wider artistic spectrum, have such a keenly-honed ability to locate in a song the emotional essence that can, in just a single phrase or vocal elision, cut one to the quick. (The Independent)


Ukulele  Summer Party

Tuesday 19th May |   7pm |  FREE

Come and join us for a live and lively performance of classic 50s, 60s and 70s songs with a smattering of country and rock n roll tunes thrown in all performed by CatStrand Ukulele Band. Enjoy a sing along with friends and a complimentary drink, entry is free but booking is recommended as this is always a full house.

Don't Shoot Me I'm Only the Piano Player

Sunday 24th May |  2.30pm | £10/£4 u25 

A runaway success in London’s West End, at successive Edinburgh Festivals, at the Melbourne Comedy Festival and right across the USA, this is a hilarious send-up of classical music, which has established Australian pianist, David Scheel, as the successor to the legendary Victor Borge. Beautiful music, and musical fun performed in so many accents/voices that David has also been compared to the late Robin Williams, and Peter Ustinov. Hear a familiar tune played in the styles of the old masters + an i-Pod; two famous pieces played simultaneously, one with the right hand, one with the left, plus his “translation” of the lyrics of Waltzing Matilda, already a comedy classic.

As funny as any, wittier than most, and, uniquely, a concert pianist of international stature. He stands alone, in a class of his own. BBC Arts Review.



The Ragged Trousered Philanthropist

Tuesday 26th May | 7.30pm | £12 /£4 u25 

Neil Gore brings this witty, humorous and absorbing classic book to life in his one-man Magic Lantern show. Based on the famous book by Robert Tressell, it features political conjuring, music and songs echoing life in the building trades of Edwardian England. A strong and robust show that brings the characters, humour and inspirational ideas of this great book to life. It is needed now more than ever.

From Wigtownshire based Townsend Theatre company.

You’ll leave the theatre and join the struggle!
Ken Loach, Film Director

I left the theatre feeling empowered and thirsty to fight the power and change the future! Katie Leon


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