The CatStrand Photography Group

Online Exhibition

Opens 30th Nov Virtual Gallery - Main Room

The CatStrand Photography group was formed back in 2014 with the purpose of getting like minded folks together socially to have fun learning about and partaking in photography. The group is made up of people with varying backgrounds, photography skills and equipment and forms part of the Connecting in Communities project.

Anne Radley Photography 

Anne Swallow

Barry Chopping

Brian Jones

Eric Broadhurst

Geoffrey Neat

Ian Biggar

John Hadfield 

John McCusker

Paul Lyttle

Group Photography Slideshow


Although this exhibition is a digital online one it was intended to have a formal exhibition of the images mounted and framed. If anyone is interested in obtaining a printed copy of any of the works or if you would be interested in joining the group then please contact:

Brian Jones


Tel. 01644 420374

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