Poll Madaidh— a poetry walk in photographs and words​​

Ken Words Exhibition, October/November 2020

by John Smith, Angus Macmillan, Michael Ansell, Jane McBeth and participants on the Ken Words Poetry Walk at Polmaddy, 21 September 2019

The images and writings in this exhibition are the imaginative responses of poetry-walkers to the remains – the presences and absences – of Polmaddy, a long-deserted settlement situated against the imposing backdrop of the Rhinns of Kells. The original exhibition opened in CatStrand's Pyramid Gallery in March 2020, where it had to be left abandoned on the walls only a few weeks later, due to the national lockdown.

The digital representation below shows the exhibition in situ along with our reading and viewing event. The second gallery shows each piece individually. 

Use the arrows to scroll through the gallery and click on the image to enlarge. 

Click on the play button below to hear project co-ordinator Jane McBeth's welcome to the exhibition.

Welcome from Jane McBeth
00:00 / 01:20


Click on the play button below to hear the audio introduction to the exhibition by poet Angus Macmillan

Introduction by Angus Macmillan
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You can find the PDF documents of the panels, and poems by Angus Macmillan, in larger text at the bottom of the page.

Click on the play button below to hear closing words from Jane McBeth. 

Jane McBeth closing to exhibition
00:00 / 02:14

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We hope you have enjoyed the Ken Words exhibition.

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Digital presentation by Ian Biggar and John Smith with the CatStrand team.

Click on the links below for the panels and poems by Angus Macmillan in larger text.

Panel 1 Poll Madaidh - a poetry walk in photography and words

Panel 2 Naming place - the potency of placenames, their shades of meaning

Panel 3 Walking the poetry - words and not-words

'lines from poll madaidh' by Angus Macmillan

'Poll Madaidh Days' by Angus Macmillan

'Wintering, Poll Madaidh' by Angus Macmillan

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