Movie in the Park: Storm Boy (PG)

Saturday 19th September |  8pm  | FREE 

New Galloway Park

Barbecue from 7.30pm

Please bring your own seating.

Part of Glenkens Food Month 

A beautiful and contemporary retelling of Colin Thiele's classic Australian tale.

In the present day, a businessman, Michael Kingley (Geoffrey Rush), is poised to make a deal with the devil — in this case, a mining company — that would decimate his home’s natural ecosystem. His granddaughter (Morgana Davies) urges him to reconsider, spurring Michael to tell her about his childhood. He recalls his youth on the coast, recounting the time when he was better known as Storm Boy.

Storm Boy nurtures the three pelicans, forming a particular connection with a bird that he names Mr. Percival, who returns the child’s loyalty beyond all expectations.

Volunteers & Stewards manning the event will be carrying out safety protocols for safe event delivery in line with GCAT's Covid 19 Reopening Action Plan. Please maintain social distancing and gather in groups only in line with the Scottish Government Guidelines- to check the up to date guidance visit For any queries relating to this event please contact

Ken Words Poetry Walk: Waterside Hill

Sunday 20th September |  1.30pm-4.30pm  | £5 

Starts and finishes outside Dalry Town Hall

A walk along the Southern Upland way – from river level up to the cairn on Waterside Hill – guided by Jane McBeth (co-ordinator of the Ken Words writing project). 

This notable hill rises from the Holm of Dalry and its aspect, as well as affording a 360’ view of the locale, opens to the panorama of the Rhinns of Kells. 

With the assistance of writing prompts and short, sensory exercises, participants will be invited to make their own imaginative response to the hill. 

Follow-up suggestions and support will be offered to encourage participants to develop any writing that comes from the walk into a poem or short piece of poetic prose. 

Walk approx. 2 miles, climbing 400’ at a moderate gradient. 

This is an outdoor-only event requiring weather-appropriate clothing and footwear, and please bring your own flask for the tea-break. 

The availability of the public toilet facilities by the Town Hall cannot be guaranteed. 
All welcome, and no prior experience of writing is required. 

Any queries, please contact Jane:

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