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CatStrand has a series of well connected rooms. Perfect for presentations, meetings, workshops and socialising. It contains a 94 seat auditorium, a cafe & gallery, entrance hall with presentation facilities, a board/meeting room & shop.


Rooms can be hired individually or you can hire the venue as a whole.


Each room can be used for a variety of purposes allowing us to tailor the venue to your needs.


CatStrand is available to hire for anything from a short meeting somewhere central in Dumfries and Galloway, to a conference with presentations and breakout workshops, to a private party, cinema screening or album launch.

Auditorium Hire Rates

                  Requirement                                                    Tech                                                   Cost    [Commercial / Community]

1                Room Only [opening hours]                              N/A                                                     £20ph | £10ph

2                Room Only [evenings/weekends]                      N/A                                                     £25ph | £14ph +£75

3                Room & Audio Visual [opening hours]              Projector/Audio                                   £20ph | £10ph

4                Room & AV [evenings/weekends]                     Projector/Audio                                   £25ph | £14ph + £75

5                Private Event [opening hours]                           AV & Lights                                         £125 [inc DM/Tech]

6                Private Event [evenings/weekends]                  AV & Lights                                         £175 [inc DM/Tech]

7                Public Event [Full Package]                              Sound Tech /Tickets/Bar                     £250

Not sure what you need?

Please call Brian Edgar on 01644 420374 and we'll work out the best set-up for your requirements

CatStrand            Opening Hours
High Street                  Mon - Fri
New Galloway          10am - 5pm
Castle Douglas       Sat        Sun
DG7 3RN               10 - 4     11 - 4


T: 01644 420374

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