The CatStrand Young Film Makers Club was formed in 2013  to let young people gain their first experience of writing, directing, and shooting films.  The Club has already produced several horror movies, documentaries, TV sketches and a number of short films all of which have been shown on the big screen at the CatStrand.  


The Club is for those aged 12 - 24 yrs (though younger children may participate in some of the projects) and runs regular projects throughout the year.  It is free to take part.  

Our latest film

Check out The Light Shed (2015) here:




The Haunting of Kenmure Woods   [2013]

30 mins

A group of school children set off to Kenmure Woods on a history project to find out if an old witch's curse is true.


The Curse of Aggy Fishbone  [2014]

Strange things start happening to the school children who made the original film.  Has the old witch Aggy Fishbone returned?  Yes.  And she is not happy...


The Light Shed [2015]


Entered into the Edinburgh International Film Festival short film challenge, this film follows two girls - one sighted and one blind - who get lost in the woods and stumble upon a strange garden.  They find an old shed where they seek refuge.  But whose shed is it...?



A Ghost Story for Christmas  [2013]

30 mins

Intergenerational project exploring the different perceptions of Christmas between older and younger generations and whether they all believe in ghosts...


The Land of the Raiders  [2014]

10 mins
Exploration of the Galloway landscape that inspired and featured in S.R Crockett's celebrated novel The Raiders (1894).  The film was shown as part of the centenary commemoration event and involved location shooting across southern Galloway. 

Other Short Films


CatStrand TV Pilot  [2013]

20 mins

Christmas-themed collection of short sketches including Glenkens News, Top of the Hits, and Gunther the Xmas Dragon [shadow puppet cartoon] 


Mobile  [2014]

5 mins
A chase begins in New Galloway and two thugs pursue a lone girl through the village.  But why....?


Playground Games [2014]

New Galloway's own Hunger Games, this struggle for control of local territory takes on a sinister edge...


All Projects are FREE to take part in!

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