Youth Access Scheme [YAS!]





The Youth Access Scheme [YAS!] is a new initiative set up by the CatStrand to allow young people [12 - 18 years old] free or cheap access to CatStrand events.  YAS! works very simply:


For each event at The CatStrand we have a set number tickets available to the public, usually at a full price of between £10 - 14.   


YAS! makes ten of these tickets available at a discounted £4 each.  One YAS member can buy a maximum of two tickets per event, one for themselves and one for an accompanying parent/adult.  These tickets are the same as standard tickets and guarantee entry. 


YAS! also offers up to six FREE tickets per event which can be reserved in advance of any event.  However, these tickets will also be on sale to the general public and should the tickets be sold to paying patrons, unfortunately they will no longer be available to YAS! members. 


YAS! will cover all youth approved events at The CatStrand and reservations are strictly on a first come first served basis.


It is free to sign up to and all you need to do is attend one of our youth activities [CatStrand Young Film Makers, Access All Areas, Teen Spirit Youth Club, GG Youth Banter Editorial Team] or drop into the CatStrand and see our Youth Arts Development Officer Simon Davidson   Contact:   01644 420374  


The CatStrand reserves the right to re-allocate FREE YAS! tickets and will prioritise paying patrons. YAS! members who have reserved FREE tickets will be notfied of any changes to their availability no later than two hours before the event.  



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